Our garments are made with competence, flexibility
and respect for your aesthetics


We sell fully factored apparel to design led companies who want a competent manufacturing partner with excellent production management skills and a product focused culture. We do not sell from internally designed collections. Our clients come to us with their fabric selections (or notions) and ask us to create their collection from sketches across their fabric stories. We work with our clients' fit and design teams to move from proto to bulk approval. We manage fabric (ordering, purchase, testing and delivery) and deliver fully factored garments into our clients' warehouses.


We are currently reviewing how we feel we can most clearly make an impact within our community, and what the role of a commercial company can or should be.
That process will be a long one, as we define our community, and wade through the process of hearing from all the stake holders in our business, as we try to reach a conclusion. We will keep you posted.

After a long and thorough review of how we should define our community, what resources we have to offer, and how we can have real impact, we donated 10,000 EUR to Asociatia "Sf. Sofia - Credinta, Nadejde si Dragoste" (www.asociatiasfantasofia.com).

Our industry is a space dominated by strong women (not only). We celebrate their work by offering shelter to those that have had their power striped from them. We intend to be involved as company in helping these efforts to bring a future of opportunity to those most vulnerable in our community.


We work hand in hand with our clients offering as much or as little development support as they require. We participate in initial design meetings with clients, review technical packs at handover, and sit through fit sessions with you. We can make patterns from either sketches, or bought in samples or simply from specifications. And we supply all samples required for any business models: internet photo shoots, press releases, wholesale salesman samples, etc.


We have a substantial base of fabric and trim suppliers throughout the EU, Turkey and China. We are able to recommend suitable trim of all types. We can quickly reproduce your ideas or samples you may bring to us. While we do not source fabrics, we do respond to briefs to assist you in finding a suitable fabric at the right price point.


Our reputation is based on quality and timely deliveries of bulk production. We manage your orders closely. We work to harmonize our requirement to cut on time, with your sign off process. In manufacturing, we have machinery and operators prepared to handle a wide range of woven garment types, from blouses to coats. While our average order is about 1000 units, we have no minimums, and we are able to deliver most orders in less than a month.


We work with reputable mills and competent trim suppliers. All fabrics and components are made to exacting EU health and safety standards. That said, we do use a robust testing program to insure bulk goods meet those requirements.. Through a network of labs, both in Romania and abroad, we ask our suppliers to regularly submit both in-house and third party testing results on their bulk goods.


We use a reliable courier services for prompt and guaranteed delivery of our samples to the client. For bulk, we work with several transport companies, specialised by region, to delivery hanging or flat packed garment to our customer’s warehouse, wherever they may be. We book most deliveries to warehouse at one week from departure date. However, we reach most EU destinations within 5 days, leaving ample time to meet scheduled deliveries.


As Tier One suppliers to retail commerce, we are keenly aware of the scrutiny that our clients are under from their public. We are fortunate to be based in an EU country that has a progressive legal framework for labour relations. While local enforcement is substandard (compliance is more form than function), we have adopted a policy of legality and transparency that reflect the spirit of the ETI (Ethical Trading Imitative). For more information please see the SOCIAL tab in the website.