Waste prevention and reduction art.44 OUG 92/2021


One would not be wrong to think that trade secret means just that: the ability to trade secretly. Patents and innovation are regular objects of legal dispute between competitors, and trade knowledge is the special sauce of every successful company.

However, we know that the name, geographical location and the conditions of work under which we trade, both inside our own factory and at those of our subcontractors, do not make up part of the value we add in our business. We expect to provide those details to clients, and give them a transparent view of our supply chain.


In the above two sections, we put forward our compliance manifesto. To achieve our goals, we need the help of third party specialists. We have enlisted the help of local consultants in each area to review our financial returns, our labour practises and our health and safety procedures.

Once we have completed our internal reviews, we will engage independent inspectors to verify that we are in conformity with best practice standards, both internally and at all of our subcontractors. We intend to publish those results and reports here on our website for everyone to see.


We are currently reviewing how we feel we can most clearly make an impact within our community, and what the role of a commercial company can or should be.

That process will be a long one, as we define our community, and wade through the process of hearing from all the stake holders in our business, as we try to reach a conclusion. We will keep you posted.